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Rebecca Hepworth is a Western Australian artist and illustrator working predominantly in drawing, and painting, using a variety of methods and materials. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, from Edith Cowan University, she has created from her studio in Perth’s North.

Her current work revolves around experimenting and combining different methods, mediums and source imagery to create new scenes, personal meaning and unexpected analogies. She is interested in human nature, relationships, animals and our shared environments. The inspiration for much of Hepworth’s work is found in everyday scenes, children's picture books, fashion magazines, advertising campaigns, and nature.

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In 2018, a trail of 36 dolphin sculptures painted by local artists on the streets, parks, and public spaces of Perth as part of a mass public art exhibition.

Bringing the community together to raise awareness and valuable funds for Perth Children’s Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit.
"This design represents a visual parallel between renewable and interconnected neurons in the human brain and the philosophy of a Japanese ancient pottery technique called “kintsugi’, which translates more or less into ‘joining with gold’. Broken pottery is repaired with a seam of lacquer and precious metal, highlighting the cracks rather than hiding them. 

Like the pieces of shattered pottery, we are all connected. Through coming together we can mend our community."

This dolphin was sponsored by the Perth Children’s Hospital, exhibited inside the Enex 100 building in Perth, and the Perth Convention Centre.

It was purchased by the residents of Concerto (Finbar) residential building, where it now resides in the entrance to the 226 apartments located on Adelaide Terrace, the former site of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The funds were donated towards the Perth Children’s Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit.


yannai goldberg EP.jpg

In 2020 I was commissioned by Perth singer-songwriter, Yannai Goldberg, to design and create the artwork for his EP, 'Uprooted'

Featuring the iconic Piccadilly Circus, a road junction and public space of London's West End in the City of Westminster, and set in sharp visual contrast of day and night, the imagery attempts to contextualise and reflect Goldberg's lyrical consideration of his time in London, the complex relationships we form with different places, spaces and people set against a mixture of percussive guitar, elements of flamenco, classical, and blues.

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